There is no crime in dreaming big but a certain man of God in Nigeria, Arch Bishop Christopher Chinedu Eze, has taken his dreams to greater heights when he released the fees he will be charging anyone who wants to consult him for prayers, predictions, and other services.

Arch Bishop Eze, the founder and General Overseer of the Apostolic Movement Outreach Global Healing Church located in the Kurudu area of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), did not just stop at prayers and chasing out evil spirits alone.

The man of God who also calls himself Oracle General also has special charges for the international communities including presidential aspirants in foreign countries who would have to cough out a stupendous amount of money including a helicopter, oil blocs, and maintenance fee.


So, if you want to transact any spiritual business with the Oracle General, check out his price list first here:

“Personal Liberation: N100,000

Family Liberation: N100,000

Community Liberation: N250,000

Quick Marriages Fee: N100,000

Invitation to other churches: N250,000

Quick answer to prayers once a month: N100,000


Compound Cleansing Prayers before marriage or other occasions: N100,000 Inviting the Oracle General to Countries like England to predict the future of the country: 100 Million Pounds

Consultation fee for 2019 aspirant in any country: 7 Million Pounds

Winning 2019 or any country’s presidential election fee:

1.Tear leather Helicopter

  1. Oil Bloc
  2. 500 Million Pounds to fuel the Helicopter and maintain the oil bloc.”